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25 January 2013


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My experience from last two winters is that I have lost many of the studs from my tyre.

Daniel Mitchell

Fortunately you can now buy spare studs and a stud tool - not sure if / where they are available in the UK yet, but that's according to Schwalbe at the London Bike Show ...

Brian Ogilvie

Schwalbe recommend riding the tyres for a few hours on dry roads, in order to set the studs in the tire, before taking them out on ice and snow. Supposedly that reduces the likelihood of losing studs.

Daniel Mitchell

Bike-Discount are now shipping spare spikes for the Schwalbe Winter tyres complete with a fitting tool at: http://www.bike-discount.de/shop/k623/a85424/50-spare-spikes-for-all-schwalbe-spire-tires.html?mfid=78

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