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26 October 2011


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Jonathan Bliss

Hi Dan,

I too am thinking of going for a Bob, so have been reading this blog with great interest. I love the colour you have chosen, it's really striking. The thing is, I am based in Ireland and so a trip to the shop is not really going to happen.

You mention you have a 23" frame, but I see you have a good bit of seat post and stem showing, which I like by the way. So, I would like mine showing perhaps around the same or perhaps a little less than yours, certainly no more.

Donald advises the frame size should be your inseam - 10.5". I am 6ft 3in with a 34.5" leg so this would mean a 24" frame for me. Just wondering if you could advise if this would be consistent with your experience?

Hope you are still enjoying the bike. I am actually going to go for the Audax Club as I want it as my main road bike. I currently ride a Lemond with 853 steel, so do expect a 631 frame to be slightly heavier with a less responsive but more comfortable feel which is what I am after.

There are not too many cycle tracks around where I am, the roads are fairly quiet anyway so wouldn't really need the clearance the World Tour gives. I do love it though, it all very purposeful and I like your choice of cantilevers, very nice.

I am actually British, moving over here in 2006 from the Cheltenham area and do recommend Ireland for cycling. Although, I do miss the Cotswolds and the odd jaunt down the M5 to ride around Somerset etc.

Anyway, hope to hear from you soon and happy cycling. BTW, you probably know this already, but there is a programme on BBC 2 next Tuesday about Audax riding that maybe of interest.



Daniel Mitchell

Hi Jon

Thank you for your comments and questions.

Based on your inside leg my advice would have been no bigger than a 23.5" frame (my inseam is 32.25" and I am between a 22.5" and 23" on a traditional frame) but Donald's advice of 24" is probably OK assuming you aren't looking for a more aggressive position, i.e. bars more than a couple of inches lower than saddle. Would you be going for a threaded or A headset?

The Audax Club is a great choice and should comfortably run most 25c tyres with full mudguards (my choice would be Conti 4 Seasons), what wheels were you thinking? Reynolds 631 is lovely but I think 725 stays may be worthwhile, particularly if you end up going with the larger frame size.

I highly recommend Bob Jackson, great frames and an excellent company to deal with - I love my World Tour.

Finally, I hadn't heard of the programme on BBC2, I'll set it to record now!

Best - Daniel

Jonathan Bliss

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for the quick and extensive response.

I have a CK 1" threadless head set already, so will be using that.

Wheels will be what I have on the Lemond - H Plus Son Archetypes, a great rim in my opinion. They build into a good strong wheel with great power transfer and a wide profile, so quite comfortable. Also currently running 23c Conti Four Seasons. These will need replacing soon and will go for the 25's as you suggest when the time comes.

Also, I was going to go with the 725 stays too, as it will bring a little stiffness for the larger frame. Thanks for mentioning that though.

I have since measured my inseam more accurately and am 35.5, so that would mean a 25" frame. Might just go for a 24.5 to be safe.

All the best and enjoy the programme.


Garry Ashton- Coulton

I really enjoyed reading about your Bob Jackson, as I've just ordered an E2E, I found your discussion on sizes interesting, I'm 6'1" but my inside leg is 36.5 and there is now way I'm getting a 26 in frame lol... the stretch to the bars would kill me, I've ordered a 24 using the logic that when I was younger I always rode a 23 with a lot of post and the bars slammed to the floor, now I'm after something a little more relaxed. Although I'm not overly relaxed waiting for the frame to arrive. It is fun ordering the components though. I've gone for Sunxcd gears coupled with and 11-34 and a NOS campag 52-36 just need to workout the axle length for the bottom bracket.
I like the colour of your World Tour, I'm going for French Beige and ivory



Daniel Mitchell

Sounds great Garry and I think 24 seems sensible. Bob Jackson should be able to advise on the axle length, they are very helpful on things like that.

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