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31 October 2011


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archie sinclair

i've really enjoyed your blog, and was very helpful when i was choosing my own touring bike and components. ordered a world tour about a month ago and its due to arrive, hopefully late this week but probably more like next week. i'm pretty excited about building it up and test riding it, so just trying to check i haven't missed anything. so a quick question for you, did the bike come fitted with hangers for the canti brakes? and were they any good? thank you

Daniel Mitchell

Hi Archie

Glad I could have been of help, that's what this blog is all about really. The bike comes with a rear hanger as part of the frame, which is the best possible mount for a rear canti, but you will need a front hanger, I went with a silver Tektro hanger that I bought from Velorution in London. You may have to hunt around for one as they are not very common in 1", let me know if you get stuck. Don't forget the other little parts like downtube cable adjusters, donut rings for cables etc.

Let me know if there is anything else I can help with, I am sure you will love your World Tour, it's a great bike!

Best - Dan


Hey Dan! Just stumbled across your cantilever post. I’m considering Paul cantis for a ‘86 frameset, but I feel the canti bosses might be too narrow. Do you happen to know the distance between the bosses on this frame (Center to Center)? Paul replied to an email saying he recommends ~80mm between bosses but yours look a lot closer.
Thanks for any help! Cheers, Bart.

Daniel Mitchell

Hi Bart - the cantilever boss spacing on my Bob Jackson WT is 79mm (just measured it) so a touch wider than my Surly Cross Check at 78mm. Remember the effective or working distance will also depend on your rim outer width, on the Bob Jackson I am using A719 rims which are pretty wide at 24.5mm. I would probably be happy with a minimum spacing of 75mm, particularly with a slighter narrower rim. Hope this helps!

Best - Dan

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