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23 November 2011


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Thanks for giving so much information about this frame, I would like to get one but I have a number of doubts that are deal breakers and I wouldn't like to rush my purchase.

In my current bike i'm running 35mm fenders, but I think they do not offer adequate coverage for 28mm tyres. I wonder what your impression is in running these 40mm fenders with 32mm tyres. Ideally I would like to get some velo orange fenders, 45 mm, but after reading your post i'm afraid that it might be difficult to fit them.


Daniel Mitchell

Hi Ogan

Glad you have found the articles useful. I have found different mudguards provide different quality of coverage. The Gilles Berthoud mudguards have rolled edges which channels water away really well so even in mucky wet conditions they are very effective on my Bob Jackson.

As you have said, I run 32c Marathon Supremes with 40mm fenders and even if I had clearance for 45mm, I would stick with 40mm. It helps to have them installed fairly close to the tyres, as you will see from the pictures. I would also strongly advise a mudflap which is really helpful in keeping the running gear and your feet from getting water and muck thrown over them. 40mm fenders are the largest I could fit into my 23" frame.

Hope this helps, feel free to post if you have any other questions.



Hi Daniel,

Thank you very much for your answer, and sorry for taking so much time to answer.

I still haven't decided which size to get, i'm fairly short, but I tend to find larger bikes more comfortable. It would be something around 20" so choosing the 40mm Berthouds over the 45mm Velo Oranges might be my best bet.

If I finally end up ordering the frame it will come up as a very similar bike, as i'm also plan to get Paul brakes.


Daniel Mitchell

Sizing is a science itself! There are a number of good calculators available online that give you a good starting point but it is well worth getting a fit done if you are in doubt. I would look at the online calculator on the Competitive Cyclist site - http://www.competitivecyclist.com/Store/catalog/fitCalculatorBike.jsp - different frame geometries and points of measurements can change the stated frame size you need, my Bob Jackson for example is a 23" (58.4cm) and my Condor Acciaio is a 55cm. In my opinion, by far the most important measurement is the top tube.

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